Bevel / Miter Gear Boxes

In Bevel Gear Screw Jacks the input shaft is perpendicular to the axis of actuator movement and the drive is transferred through a Bevel Gear Arrangement to the Lift Screw which can be either a Machined Screw or Ball Screw.

These jacks can be made only in rotating screw type. In such a jack arrangement the nut is attached to the moving part of the machine or arrangement.

The advantages of the Bevel Gear Screw Jacks are:

  • High Speed : Such types of jacks can have higher lifting speeds than the worm gear screw jacks.
  • Compact arrangement. : The box sizes are compact in comparison to the Worm Gear Screw

The limitations of the Bevel Gear Screw Jacks are:

  • Low irreversibility: Mean the load may automatically start to move down when the motor is
    switched off. In such a scenario one must use a brake motor in place of a regular motor.
  • Fixed mounting: Mounting arrangement is mostly fixed type.
  • Design Arrangement : These are only available in rotating screw type.

Manufacturing Range:

Capacity: 1 ton to 50 Ton
Lifting Speeds : 4mm/Input Revolutions to 20mm/ Input Revolution

Construction Features:

  • Body : Made of S.G. Iron ensures greater strength.
  • Bevel Gear : Forged High Strength Alloy Steel Hardened and Tempered.
  • Travel Nut: High Strength Cast Bronze ensuring long life and superior performance.
  • Lift Screw : Precision rolled or machine cut Screw made from hogh strength Alloy steels.
  • Ball Screw and Nut: High Quality High Precision Ball Screw and Nuts are used for
    optimum strength and speed delivery.

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